Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use Google Analytics (GA) to track any links you place other than on your website (think the links in your email campaign, your facebook, your twitter, Instagram …)?

In order to do that you can go to Google’s Campaign URL Builder at


There you can fill out the information about your link. Think of such information as a note to yourself.  As you start to track more links, you will need to be able to tell what you tracked in a GA report.

After you have filled the information you will see the new URL below, which you can copy and use. If visitors click on it and arrive at your website, Google is able to tell you the source of the traffic and the information of the link (because you provided it).

In GA report, you will see such information in “Acquisition”\Channles\Source\Medium

This url building tool is particularly useful if you promote a campaign in social media. If you track each different traffic source, over time you will be able to see which source generate the most traffic. Once visitors are online, their behavior is either automatically tracked by GA or by your event tracking.

Happy tracking!