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Domain and Hosting Setup

Here are the steps I followed when I purchased my new domain name :) :) and hosting service. I purchased through I. Domain after you pay for it, you get

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Tracking Events

Tracking Clicks, Links and Downloads with _trackEvent Suppose if you want to see how effective your content is in promoting a certain call to action (e.g. download something, visit a promotional
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Event Goal Setting

How to set up goals in Google Analytics In GA go to Admin. Select Goals\Create New Goals\   In the next page: Goal setup: Choose "Custom" Goal Description: name your goal (e.g. for my example, I
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Tracking Links Offsite

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to use Google Analytics (GA) to track any links you place other than on your website (think the links in your email campaign,
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A/B Testing Made Easy

Suppose you wanted to test which page gives a higher conversion rate (e.g. email signups). You can create variants of the page and let Google Analytics split test them.  This