Suppose you wanted to test which page gives a higher conversion rate (e.g. email signups). You can create variants of the page and let Google Analytics split test them.  This is done in Google Analytics, under BEHAVIOR\Experiments.

Step 1: is to set up the experiment (you can have many different experiments!).

Give your experiment a name,

Set the Objective for this experiment. In the following example, I will create a new objective i.e. click on my download link, as the metric.

Percentage of the traffic to experiment: What’s the percentage of traffic you’d like to send to do this experiment? By default all (100%) traffic coming to your website will be doing this experiment. However, you can change this to any percentage.

Step 2; you tell GA what was your original page and what are your variant pages

Step 3: Google Give you a code for you to paste in your original page.  We will do this using a plugin, see Step 4.

Step 4: Install Plugin “Simple Google Content Experiments”, activate it.

Step 5: Open your “original page” for edit (YOU ONLY NEED TO DO STEP 5 and 6 FOR ORIGINAL PAGE).  Make sure your that “custom fields” in your screen options (on top of your screen) is checked:

Step 6: The custom Fields will show below your edit window. Specify the Name as google_content_experiment_code  and in the value box, paste the code we saw in Step 3 above.

Step 7: After you save your edit, go to Google Analytics Experiment Setting to validate. You will see that GA has found all necessary code to the original page and variant pages. Then “Save Changes”.  


Your experiment is now up and running. You can test it by visiting the original url, you will see sometimes the variant pages!